Kingman Bulk Plant

Gallons or Storage Tank Capacity
sq ft of Storage Space
Truck Fleet

The Kingman Bulk Plant facility has a tank farm storage capacity of roughly 80,000 gallons. This storage is split between unleaded gasoline, premium gasoline, diesel fuel and off road diesel fuel.

Rebel’s Kingman warehouse has over 2,000 square feet of storage space for drums, totes, pails, cases and quarter drums. This facility allows Rebel to repackage and store special order products.

The Kingman Bulk Plant maintains a fleet of 12 trucks. The Kingman transportation fleet pulls fuel from terminals in the Las Vegas and Phoenix markets.

The Kingman Plant is located on 1055 E. Topeka and includes a bottom loading rack with wholesale pumps for unleaded and premium gasoline as well as on and off-road diesel fuels.

Kingman Plant

1055 E. Topeka
Kingman, AZ 86401
Phone: (928) 753-3599