80 ROC Truck Fleet
24 Hour Trucking Operations
Reliable and Efficient 3PL Partners

Rebel Oil Company transports and delivers bulk and packaged products through its combined fleet of roughly 80 Semi Truck and Trailer, Tank Wagon, Heavy Duty and Medium Duty Flatbed Delivery Trucks

ROC transports branded and unbranded gasoline, On and Off-Road Diesel Fuel, Ethanol Blends, Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel, Kerosene, DEF, lubricants, oils, chemicals, and many other products.  ROC offers Wholesale Fuel Delivery and On-Site Fuel Delivery; Truck and Trailer Deliveries and Tank Wagon Deliveries.

ROC also has strategic relationships with many reliable and efficient third-party logistics providers throughout the Western United States.  The 3PL partnerships allow ROC to maximize our fulfillment logistics and cater to the delivery needs of our customers.  ROC maintains 24-hour dispatch and customer service to support our infrastructure and delivery operations.