Safety & Training


Ignacio Lopez-Chavez

Ignacio Lopez-Chavez, Las Vegas Review Journal

Since implementing the ROCstar program in July of 2022, ROC drivers have logged 809,384 miles and 17,842 hours of drive time with a combined average score of 87. During the same time period, Ignacio Lopez-Chavez logged 8,129 miles with an average safety score of 99%. We appreciate Ignacios commitment to SAFE Driving and we are honored to have him as the ROCstar driver of the year.

ROC driving performance is evaluated by twenty-one subcategories within the areas of Speeding, Policy Violations, Crash, Harsh Driving, Collision Risk, Distracted Driving and Traffic Signs & Signals. Each category is comprised of multiple factors that are measured and used to generate a driving score on a scale of 1 – 100. The driver’s score includes total distance and time driven during the evaluation period.

Performance Results

ROC prides itself on the maintaining a company culture consistent with our core values. Performance Results provide the accountability we need to achieve our intended outcomes.

In order to achieve the desired results, we ensure that our culture prioritizes training and team building. Our Drivers, Operators, and Management are trained in: HAZCOM, HAZWOPER, INCIDENT COMMAND, UST and an extensive list of Knowledge City role specific job training.

Our robust training and safety culture is geared toward continuously improving our KPI’s and ensuring that we meet or exceed the industry benchmark for OSHA, FMCSA, MSHA, FRA and eMOD ratings.

Cardinal Safety Rules

Safety is very important to our company. ROC recognizes its commitment to safety in the ROC Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Values and Organizational Goals. Our People are the company’s biggest Asset — please stay committed to safety!

ROC’s 8 Cardinal Safety Rules must be known and applied without exception anytime and anywhere. Safe behaviors are expected upon arrival at the ROC workplace or customer job site. Our Cardinal Safety Rules set down the expectations that we have for all employees, visitors, subcontractors and third party workers while working at our sites. Cardinal Safety Rules must be remembered by all our staff and adhered to at all times. Preventive measures specific to each activity must be known and respected by every collaborator during their task.

Wear Required PPE

Do Not Run
Walk And Use Handrails

Follow Speed Limits
And Traffic Laws

Use Best Management
Practices When
Working At Heights

Do Not Walk Under
Suspended Loads

Ensure All Machines
Are Properly Safeguarded
Before Operating

Apply Lock Out/Tag Out
Method Before Working On
Energized Equipment

Zero Tolerance For
Workplace Violence