Railroad Services

Capacity of 17 Railcars
50 million gallons of annual throughput capacity
Safe & Efficient

Rebel Oil provides railcar rack loading, unloading and transloading services at our rail facilities in Las Vegas Nevada.

Our railcar facilities operate with a combined spotting/placement capacity of 17 railcars. With multiple switch days per week, Rebel has the capacity to unload and deliver more than 50 million gallons of rail product annually.

We work closely with the railroads and using automated, transfer and transloading equipment, Rebel Oil’s knowledgeable rail supply team works closely with the railroads to continually improve railcar industry placement times and customer product delivery. We ensure the safe and efficient transfer of products between rail cars, trucks and Terminal storage tanks. Custody-transfer bills of lading are generated for all transport vessel loading and transloading transactions. Rebel Oil loads and delivers Racing Fuel, Ethanol and Renewable Diesel products at our rail facilities.